Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oracle Application server 10g, How to Change / Reset ias_admin Password

How to Change / Reset ias_admin Password

— ias_adminis user required to use Enterprise Manager Web (aka Application Server Console – iASConsole) Site.
 ias_admin passwordis set during Installation of Oracle Application Server (902, 904, 10.1.2.X) or Oracle Identity Management (Infra Tier 10.1.4.X)
ias_admin account is NOT stored in OID (Oracle Internet Directory), It is stored in XML file (JAZN-XML -  Java AuthoriZatioN)

How to Reset / Change ias_admin Password
You can reset/change ias_admin password in following ways
1. Using Enterprise Manager (Application Server Control) Web Site–Login to Instance Home Page
–Click on Preferences on top right
–In new screen, click on “Change Password” on left menu
–Enter current password and New Password
2. Using Command line tool 
emctl set password
emctl set password welcome1 welcome2(Here welcome1 is current ias_admin password and welcome2 is new password which you wish to reset)
If you don’t know current ias_admin password then change it in configuration file
3. Change ias_admin password directly in configuration file
–Backup $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/j2ee/config/jazn-data.xml
–Search for entry like below
and Update new password (welcome2 like )

Note ! (Exclamation Mark in front of password. This signifies that password is stored in clear text)


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